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Why This, Why Now

Gist Say'n

Being a trustworthy reporter of events and subjects is a professional mantra I believe in. 


For decades I covered news for TV networks. I stepped away to take care of obligations at home, but when I was ready to return, the industry I loved had changed. 

People now indicate that it is harder than ever to navigate the modern media landscape.


Mix desire and circumstance, with decades of journalistic experience, add a bit of research, sprinkle in unique and entertaining anecdotes, then sit back and listen (or if you prefer, read) as I report, analyze, simplify and get down to the gist of timely news topics for you.


There you have it, that’s the recipe for this podcast and gistsayn website. In the end, you can agree or disagree, it's okay... cause I'm Gist Say’n.

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